ORWO Net wins CruiseVision as a new customer

Bitterfeld Wolfen, June 2021

In cooperation with ORWO Net, CruiseVision intends to significantly expand its range of photo products on ocean-going cruise ships.

It’s not so easy to satisfy your wanderlust right now. Those who had the courage to book a trip in the last few months, mostly expected a cancellation due to covid. For companies that are closely linked to the travel industry, the past few month have therefore been an enormous challenge. However, some of them are using the time to rethink offerings for customers. One of these active companies is called CruiseVision and is a new customer of ORWO Net.

Innovation is in the Hamburg company’s DNA. At one time, they had started out to capture cruise ship voyages on video. This soon became a lucrative business with onboard photographers and picture sales in stylish stores on the central axis between the restaurant and the event hall on ships of AIDA and Co. Meanwhile, the concept was even adopted to the Robinson clubs. CruiseVision now also wants to offer vacationers photo books and wall decorations. In the future, the acrylic and canvas products will simply be transferred via interface to ORWO Net, manufactured by us and shipped.

For photo books, CruiseVision and ORWO Net have come up with a new sale approach. The traveler can view samples of the photo books on board and convince himself of their quality. After that, he purchases a voucher, which he can use after completing his trip not only to design and order the photo book, but also to use top-quality pictures taken by the on-board photographers. Of course, the customer also has access to travel-specific design templates, in which he only needs to add a few individual pictures and in no time at all the souvenir is ready.

We created a website for the new offer.