Professional service for a unique customer service

Beginning with the first customer contact, a professional and communicative contact person is essential for every interested buyer. Thanks to the proactive interaction of our service employees, more than 10.000 customer concerns are handled individually, competently and quickly in one day. Of course, this is free of charge for your customers. A structured customer service is the customer's mouthpiece to the company. In this way, an active customer support serves both as a sign for good quality and as a source of reassurance for all customers who contact the service staff with a wide variety of concerns. To ensure a unique buying experience for your customers, we also take care of this service as your full-service partner for your photo products. This includes offerings a wide range of customer communication, purchase advice, crisis management as well as agile reputation management.


Order status at any time

With our service team we offer you a customer- and solution-oriented 1st and 2nd level support: Through the constant contact to our customers and trade partners, we are able to optimize our service as well as our products and ways of ordering. This enables us to adapt them to the needs of our customers in the most effective way.

Our online order information service allows customers to check the status of their order quickly and easily at any time. By entering the order and customer number and the own password, they can access a personal password-protected area, that also lists the order history.