Hands ON - Your professional life at ORWO Net

Would you like to learn more about ORWO as an employer? Then you are right here. We will show you why you should work at ORWO. Our attractive benefits and our team-oriented corporate culture speak for themselves.

Our benefits

Family-friendly company 2021


Awarded by the administrative district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld.

Social Responsibility

Our sites

The historical site in Bitterfeld-Wolfen covers the main part of our production. Our services range from classic film development to the modern production of photo books. At this site, our employees handle also the shipment.


The administration is located in modern offices. Small teams look after various areas such as marketing, customer service, human resources, controlling, purchasing, accounting and software development. In addition, our gifts are produced and shipped at ths site.


Some of our software development is located in the north of berlin. A small teams of 10 employees look after the different web shops of our clients and own brands. The design software is also part of team's work in Berlin.


Since 2019, a small team of 7 employees has been located in Leipzig's city centre. In addition to software developers for backend and webshop, there are also employees from customer service in Leipzig. At the same time, this location offers jobs for working students in various areas.