Our Company Policy

Mission Statement

Through our products, we want to contribute to the preservation of memories and turn shared experiences into gifts. We want our customers to enjoy life to the fullest - and be able to refer to their memories for many years to come.

Knowing that your valuable memories are preserved not only as data, but as a physical product, enables you to enjoy the moment in a relaxed frame of mind  and be assured that unforgettable moments will remain unforgettable.

Our customers have top priority. We listen carefully to our customers’ wishes and constructive criticism and are therefore in a position to meet their needs and expectations with individually tailored solutions (in terms of budget, delivery times, time frames, products / services). Lasting customer satisfaction is our goal, and can only be achieved if we offer products and services that fully meet the actual needs of our customers.

Our environment is very important to us. We continually strive to improve our impact on the environment by using environmentally compatible materials management (FSC®), and employ processes and technologies in the development, manufacturing and shipping of our products. This includes preserving resources through the use of sustainable production materials as well as the identification, assessment and implementation of all reasonable measures to identify hazards and eliminate them as much as possible. We also work to help our employees, customers and suppliers to minimise their environmental impact. Through these objectives and commitments, we are contributing to a better environment for present and future generations.

The employees of ORWO Net GmbH have a high priority throughout the company, our philosophy lives through them. Therefore, we are committed to continually improve occupational health and safety in order to provide our employees with a safe workplace and create an environment in which our employees feel comfortable. We take precautionary measures so that we can guarantee compliance with high occupational health and safety requirements at workplaces and avoid injuries and illnesses.

The optimisation of energy consumption, the economical and responsible use of energy as well as the increase in energy efficiency are among the most important goals of ORWO Net GmbH and ORWO Net Scandinavia ApS. This means a long-term reduction in our energy consumption and an improvement in our energy-related performance. As a part of our integrated management system, we are implementing an energy management plan in accordance with ISO 50001: 2011 to ensure a regular determination and verification of energy aspects/data and their energetic effects.

All relevant regulatory requirements, laws and regulations, as well as voluntary obligations, must always be complied with. The standards underlying our integrated management system must also be respected and adhered to. These commitments are regularly reviewed and assessed for compliance. Internally, we follow strict standards and we base all measures to ensure customer satisfaction, occupational health and safety as well as environmental and energy management on state of the art technology.

To ensure the achievement of these objectives, we involve our suppliers and contract partners as part of the value chain and regularly inform them about our integrated management policy.

Through continuous improvement processes, measures are taken to improve the quality of our products and services, the health and safety of our employees, our environmental performance as well as the energy consumption of the company. Their implementation has top priority. All organisational, commercial and technical procedures are continually checked with the aim of avoiding errors and increasing efficiency. In order to meet the growing needs of the future marketplace, and to achieve a competitive advantage, we constantly develop and offer new products and services. Based on our integrated company policy, we have set quantifiable targets related to strategic and operational quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental and energy in order to ensure the ongoing improvement process. ORWO Net GmbH and ORWO Net Scandinavia ApS ensure that all necessary resources and information are available in order to meet our goals. We undertake regular reviews our company policy, implementation and the effectiveness of our management systems.

We take all internal and external risks into account in our decisions. We also include the interests and expectations of external as well as internal stakeholders in the decision-making process. Effective risk management is an essential tool for corporate management. In this way, we ensure that possible risks are constantly identified, analysed and minimised through appropriate control measures within the scope of our business activities. As a result, we are able to avoid interruptions in business operations and protect critical business processes from the effects of major failures or disasters, or to ensure a rapid recovery. Within the framework of risk management, risks and hazards are regularly assessed (using risk assessment, risk analysis, risk management and risk monitoring). New risks are assessed and appropriate procedures for operational continuity are developed, introduced and regularly tested.

Our employees are our greatest strength. Their sense of responsibility is constantly being promoted and trained within our system. One of our most important tasks is to further develop the competence and know-how of our employees. Through continuous improvement of the work environment and regular training, we want to promote the qualification of our employees in order to increase their competence to fulfill their tasks. Through communication to the smallest area of each group, a powerful environment is created that is simultaneously fair and cooperative. The manager’s task is to achieve or exceed the company targets in terms of quality, occupational health and safety, and environment and energy consumption through personal example, open communication and involvement of employees in decision-making processes that are intended to promote self-responsibility and the awareness of the employees. This is achieved by means of regular meetings and the internal tools such as company intranet, newsletters, staff magazine, showcases and pin boards, all of which are used to publish changes and results of audits and management reviews.

Data protection and IT security have top priority for our company. We ensure that all data provided us as well as internal company data is kept securely and used within the framework of legal regulations and exclusively for defined purposes.

In order to ensure the continuity within the company, long-term succession planning is drawn up for executives and employees on the basis of qualification and requirement profiles as well as capacity analysis. Requirement profiles and capacity analysis form the basis for offers to employees for further professional training.