ORWO Net introduces WhatsPHOTO

Bitterfeld Wolfen, July 2021

The innovative ordering channel which will revolutionize the way to order the most beautiful photo moments.

More than 2 billion around the world use the WhatsApp messaging service each month. To be honest: several times a day.
WhatsApp is still the most used messenger in Germany. Over 70% of users use it primarly to send photos and videos.

So it seemed obvious to us to create a way to make photo products available for order via WhatsApp as well. The solution was the development of a chatbot. Now the new WhatsPhoto ordering channel is live at ORWO. Besides photo prints, customers can also order retro photos, forex, mdf stands and a photo mug.

Scan this QR code to get to WhatsPHOTO or click directly on the blue button:

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