Work / life balance

With more than 300 employees, we are one of Germany's leading large-scale photo laboratories and one of the largest employers in the Anhalt-Bitterfeld region with many years of tradition and know-how in the photo-processing sector. We ensure our quality requirements with innovative technology and competent specialists.

We support our employees through targeted training and encourage a commitment to professional and personal development. As an ever-growing company, we are always interested in a qualified and motivated workforce, who support and advance our company philosophy.

Award "family-friendly company" for ORWO Net.


With a flexible scheduling model, the possibility of family-oriented, part-time work and the adaptation of the shift plan to individual life situations, we support the compatibility of family and work for our employees. We also finance a local sports club membership.

Apprenticeships in different departments at ORWO Net.


With the current addition of 21 trainees, we are investing in the next generation and future of our company. In addition to an interesting and exciting training program in our technical, creative or shipping sectors, we offer trainees a jump start to their professional life after successfully completing their apprenticeship.

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