Images and videos

combined in a photo book

The video code can be scanned and watched via smartphone.

Bitterfeld-Wolfen, 13th of Mai 2016

Exclusive launch offer for readers of COMPUTER BILD

With the new software version, videos can now be integrated into PixelNet photo books. ORWO Net's own brand thus expands its business field and makes memories accessible in multimedia and mobile. A cooperation with COMPUTER BILD, which starts on May 14, 2016, offers exclusive customer benefits.

With the new PixelNet photo software, customers now have the opportunity to integrate videos and create unique video photo books. This video function is available for all photo book variants: from premium photo paper, to digital printing, ring binder and photo booklet. Once a video is embedded in a photo book, PixelNet automatically generates a QR code on the first interior page. The videos, which are set to a maximum length of sixty seconds, can still be edited in the user-friendly video editor. The further design of the photo book is up to the taste of the customer and does not differ from a conventional photo book. The QR code is used to identify the book via the app. This automatically detects the integrated videos by means of an image recognition software and plays them directly in the mobile terminal.

The videos are saved on German servers for four years. Prior to the expiration of the deadline, customers are in due time informed of an extension option by e-mail.

Together with the specialist magazine COMPUTER BILD, PixelNet is presenting the video photo book to end customers for the first time. Buyers who fill out a survey of the new feature after their order will receive the value of their video photo book as a voucher for the next order.

Don't miss the tutorial on the video photo book. The new PixelNet photo software is now available for download. The free PixelNet video photo book app is available for iOS and Android.