Economic Responsibility

We believe that responsible, long-term profitability is indispensable for the ongoing development of our company. Our managers, customers, partners, employees as well as all other stakeholders can benefit equally from this success.

Our environmental and energy-efficient product design measures take into account the complete product life cycle - from development to production, disposal and recycling. Our products put as little strain on the environment as possible. Our strict quality management begins with the selection of the materials used for our products. We always strive to optimize processes and to ensure a consistent quality for your customers. The quality assurance process ends only with the final inspection by our employees during dispatch processing.

Our responsibility does not end at the doors of our premises. The transparent presentation of our company to the outside - to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders - illustrates the responsible actions of ORWO Net GmbH. In the entire supply chain, compliance with our sustainability standards applies. We achieve this through dialogue and qualification as well as joint initiatives with suppliers and other manufacturers. We base our success on a good and trustworthy cooperation with our suppliers.

Thanks to our customer service, we maintain a constant dialogue with our customers and buyers by telephone, email and social networks. In order to keep the service standard high, we do without a chargeable hotline and try to process requests as quickly as possible. Despite our constantly growing product range, it is our highest priority to keep the complaint rate as low as possible and to keep customer satisfaction high.