As one of the leading photo finishing and digital printing companies in Ger-many, we are being watched and evaluated by independent testers, trade journals and institutes. This scrutiny serves to continually improve our photographic products in terms of aesthetics and handling.

We subject ourselves to internal and external testing mechanisms to ensure a consistent, high quality in our manufactured products. In this process, our photographic products are always tested, modified and adapted so that our customers can be just as enthusiastic about their memorabilia as we are.

The seal of quality of Computer Bild, issue 16/2017.



The trade magazine COMPUTER BILD tested a total of 10 manufacturers of photo books including their designing options. PixelNet's premium photo book in hardcover received a rating of "good" (2,19). In particular, the picture quality on matt photo paper as well as the natural colors and the picture sharpness lead to this rating. Furthermore, criteria such as handling of the photo software for image processing and optimization were taken into account. [Issue 16/17]


Gütesiegel fotoMAGAZIN - Ausgabe 6/2016.

The trade magazine fotoMAGAZIN tested a total of 13 manufacturers of photo prints in 10x15 format in 2016. Due to the picture quality on matt and glossy photo paper PixelNet's 10-cm premium photo received a rating of "very good". [Issue 06/16]


Gütesiegel DigitalPHOTO - Ausgabe 05/2016

Foto Quelle`s premium photo book was thoroughly tested by the trade magazine DigitalPHOTO in 2016 and was rewarded with the title "very good” for its quality. [Issue 05/16]


Gütesiegel fotoMAGAZIN - Ausgabe 9/2016

FotoMAGAZIN rated PixelNet`s premium book photo paper with “good" in 2016. Particularly convincing in the test were the picture quality, handling of the software and processing possibilities. [Issue 09/16]

"FOTO HITS" 2016

Gütesiegel FOTO HITS - Ausgabe 5/2016

PixelNet`s panoramic photo books were rated "very good" in the test of photo magazine FOTO HITS. [Issue 05/16]

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