ORWO Net presents the first prototype of a video photo book

Dr. Koehler shows the prototype of the video photo book to Iris Gleicke und Prof. Dr. Angela Kolb-Janssen.

Bitterfeld-Wolfen, 9th February 2016

Today, photo-service provider ORWO Net presented their first video photo book, in the presence of Iris Gleicke (MdB / parliamentary secretary of state at the Federal Minister of Economics and Energy and Commissioner for the new federal states, medium-sized businesses and tourism - centered on the picture) and Prof. Dr. Angela Kolb-Janssen (MdL / Minister for Justice and Equality of the State of Saxony-Anhalt - right in the picture).

In short, this novelty is a classic photo book in which up to eight videos per book are stored on several pictures via a special code. The integration of the videos, which can have up to 60 seconds running time, can be carried out with each photo book of ORWO Net, regardless of format and page number. The videos with a maximum size of 50 MB are planned to be saved for the user for the duration of 4 years. The price for this period is 2 EUR per video - a maximum of 16 EUR. This service can be renewed under the same conditions after the expiry of the 4 years.

Currently, the launch phase of the video photo book is still ongoing. Managing Director Dr. Gerhard Köhler (left in the picture) says: "With this innovation, we are taking the next step. The product will be on the market in the middle of the 2nd quarter of 2016, before the photo season, by our brand PixelNet, followed by the launch by Foto Quelle."

The functionality of the new multimedial product is user-friendly. Each book has a QR code printed at a discreet spot for clear customer identification. The in-house app -  for viewing the videos on all available platforms provided by ORWO Net - recognises the images using previously determined individual feature sets. The photos of the photo book are marked as videos with a small discreet logo.