Software Development

Software that was created by ORWO Nets own software development team to create photo products.

Software Development

User-friendly, scalable and

high-performance solutions.

Latest technologies like


User-friendly IT-solutions

ORWO Net GmbH designs, develops and maintains individual software solutions by a highly motivated and highly qualified team of software architects, software developers and other IT specialists.

In addition to the development of user-friendly, scalable and high-performance solutions, we implement IT processes such as documentation, installation, configuration management, quality control (testing) and support, on the basis of state-of-the-art technologies.

TESLA 2.0 - Total Excellence in Software Look and Architecture 2.0

The innovative service-oriented architecture (SOA) TESLA 2.O enables multilingualism and white labelling, shortest response times to requirements, simple and flexible introduction of new and innovative products, fast campaign management and personalization, cross-device platform and location independent work, easy integration of social media and fast and clear statistics for evaluating your KPIs. We are able to develop new functions in different forms quickly and efficiently. Products can be presented under different brands with different presentations. Due to the reusable modules, a fast processing of individual requirements is guaranteed.

The time span from conception to the launch of new products is dramatically reduced. TESLA 2.O makes it easy to provide an adapted design, change prices or seasonal products for a certain period of time or a certain user group. A product can be started on a desktop PC and finished conveniently from the sofa with the tablet, even by different people. External services can be easily used to provide images or products from other platforms, or with an account of e.g. Facebook or Google in the shop. Evaluations of actions or to a specific product should be automated and easy to create in the future. The architecture is divided into numerous modules, which can be connected to one another as required.

Success can be measured based on clear statistics.


Quick and clear statistics for evaluating your KPIs.

Launch, optimisation and evaluation of campaigns via different divices.

Campaign Management

Device-, platform- and location-independent work.

Development of web shops

The web shop engine supports the simple and flexible admin and mainte-nance of a variety of products with different variants, which can be tailor-made to suit the customer. A simple and largely free selectable layout, usability, user experience as well as security are the most important foundations of our web shop development. This includes the fact that our engine is supported by all popular browsers. Whether prints, gift items, photo books with or without video integration, calendars or wall design elements; The products can all be managed over a uniform platform. Products can be varied with any number of parameters while maintaining easy manageability. The web shop offers the customer the possibility to significantly influence the design of the product.

Freely adaptable surfaces use a responsive design for optimal display on different devices. We use the latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 or JSON. The interface of the web shop can be operated intuitively and offers the user the interaction elements needed for the task-at-hand. The data processed on the platform is protected by the latest standards against unauthorized access or unauthorized modification and loss. They are inviolable for the unauthorized user. The user interface generated by the web shop engine is easily supported by popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, and looks identical on all platforms.

The example of the software to design photo products (such as calendars) shows the convenient handling.


The interface of the web shop can be operated intuitively.

The ORWO Net Shipping Team dispatches individual photo products to the final customer or the client's stores.


The customer can significantly influence the design of the product.

Development of clients

Client applications will continue to be important for a wide range of devices. Clients enable a very extensive and diverse range of products. With the mouse and keyboard, Client solutions can be individually customized. The advantage: the Client installed on the PC creates a strong customer relationship. Our Clients do not need a steady Internet connection. The order can also be sent offline. Since the data remains exclusively on the customer's computer until the order, it is even safer. Many existing customers and older users enjoy utilizing the Client as a design tool for their photography projects. In the Client all products are offered with the most powerful composer. All products can be processed together in one interface.

Conventional input techniques are a popular tool for inventory customers and/or older users who enjoy the precise placement and management of the elements of their projects. After installing the Client, it is permanently on the customer's PC. He always sees the program icon on his desktop and is thus reminded of the brand. Several programs from different manufacturers are often not used at the same time. Due to the initial download of all program components, the products can be created over time without an existing Internet connection. In the Client, orders can be saved directly on CD or DVD in addition to online sending, and they can be used in various ways through these data carriers. The Client manages all data from the shop basket locally until the order is sent, thereby imparting a subjective sense of security.

ORWO Net's software to individually create photo products can be operated easily and intuitively.

Input Techniques

With the mouse and keyboard, client solutions can be customised comfortably.

A program icon indicated on the smartphone display reminds the customer continuously of the brand.

Customer Loyalty

The customer always sees the program icon on his desktop and is thus reminded of the brand.

Development of apps

The mobile sector is becoming increasingly important as part of the Omni-Channel. The increasing availability and use of the Internet on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) shifts the (sales closing platforms) from the desktop Client to mobile apps. Together with specialised partners, ORWO Net GmbH has developed apps at the highest level. Today most pictures are created using smartphones, and an increasing number of pictures are found through social networks. These images which are directly available on the mobile devices, can be easily transformed into the products with little to no  effort by the user. This lowers the time expenditure and thus the break-off rate.

ORWO Net GmbH serves this market with a range of single and multi-product apps to enable the configuration, design and acquisition of personalised photoproducts on mobile devices. The White Label Photo product apps enable easy and fast definition of different layouts and content for the customised presentation of products for different clients and brands. By using native apps, the maximum performance of the latest mobile devices can be exploited. Continuous development and regular updates ensure visibility of the app and thus a continuous advertising effect directly on the mobile terminals, not only for the products, but for the entire brand.

Software quality

In addition to the quality assurance of the photographic products, ORWO Net GmbH also focuses on the quality of the software developed and used. Software products, like other products, have certain quality characteristics. The most important characteristics of software quality are reflected in the following features: intelligibility, correctness, reliability, ease of use, ease of maintenance, portability, universality, robustness, efficiency. Their quality is mainly influenced by the manufacturing process.

An important basis of quality assurance is the orientation to the quality model of ISO standard ISO / IEC 9126. This standard outlines quality criteria for functional and nonfunctional properties of software products. Extensive test preparations, test procedures and test analyzes are carried out by a qualified team. Several internal and external PenTests are a guarantee for the continuous control of the use of secure software applications.

Order processing

Production processes can be controlled by the client, right down to individual invoice layouts and packaging materials. For the production of orders, which ORWO does not or not completely manufacture by ourselves, we work with reliable partners to place these orders or partial orders for production. The transfer is, of course, made automatically, as is the confirmation of the production status when the order leaves the partner company. By connecting the shop system to the interfaces of the order management system, the customer can always see the current status of their order in their personal area. After the order has been received, order management automatically sends an order confirmation email to the customer, and as soon as the order is dispatched, the customer receives a shipping notification.

The content and layout of these emails can be customised to fit your needs. Via the back office, customer service staff can see the current status of orders, directly check complaints and, if necessary, view the image data of an order to verify errors. The status of an order can also be checked in detail here, and If necessary, orders can be reset and re-sent to production. For more effective production, similar orders are grouped together into batches which go through the production process as a unit. These batches are processed in a targeted and automated manner for each respective exposer and printing press and transferred to the printing systems via the appropriate interface.