Production at ORWO Net -

Printed quality

ORWO Net manufactures photo products at the company headquarters in Bitterfeld-Wolfen.


State of the art digital printing

on HP Indigo printing machines


and specialized solutions

Printed quality

At our Bitterfeld-Wolfen location we produce high-quality photo products in a variety of formats. These include the classics such as photo books and calendars on genuine photo or digital printing paper, greeting cards for any occasion in various sizes, and classic photo prints on standard or premium paper. We also offer a large product portfolio of less conventional photo gifts, including photo cards, T-shirts, photo stickers as well as canvases and noble gallery prints on Alu Dibond and behind acrylic glass.

We use the most innovative and state-of-the-art production equipment on the market which is run by our well-trained staff in a three-shift operation that guarantees a consistent, high standard of quality. We provide our B2B trade partners with a logistics coordinator who operates throughout Germany ensuring a timely product delivery. We ensure direct delivery for our end customers with international shipping service providers in both express and  standard delivery timeframes.

Flexibility and customer orientation start within the production

We adapt to your needs. ORWO Net represents customisable manufacturing systems and customer orientation throughout production. Numerous formats, materials and designs are possible. Adaptable structures, a fast and punctual delivery, and a steady availability of order status are a given for our organisation.

We are able to meet the on-trend high-quality finishes, bindings and manu-facturing qualities of today by means of modern, state-of-the-art equipment and production facilities. Regular training and open communication enable our well-equipped staff to respond quickly to changes.

ORWO Net has an own laboratory with storage place in Germany.

Own laboratory

Up to 15,000 letters and parcels are handed daily by our mail order service providers.

ORWO Net produces as white label partner on behalf of its clients.

White Label

Personalised label identification in and on the product according to your requests.


From small batch production to large scale projects, every production quantity can be achieved throughout the entire range of products. Our well-established team and our absolute control over all processes meet the highest customer requirements. We simultaneously offer an economical and quality-oriented printer result - regardless of capacity utilisation.

In the photo book product lines, the following quantities can be produced per day: 9,000 hardcover copies, 3,000 softcover copies, 1,500 ring binder copies, 3,000 digital lay flat copies,  and 21,000 cards.

The production of photo books at ORWO Net in Bitterfeld-Wolfen.


Hardcover photo books can be produced daily

The ORWO net production of photo cards in Bitterfeld-Wolfen.


produced cards leave our premises every day.

Comprehensive and customised solutions

We see ourselves as specialists in the implementation of customised solu-tions. Our product range is as individual as the end customers and their photo memories themselves. In close cooperation with you we develop individual product solutions. We would like to provide support with our know-how in the conception of your project.

Well experienced employees are at your side regarding product launch and realisation. This collaboration can assure you the shortest order processing times.

Production site at the ORWO Net headquarters in Bitterfeld-Wolfen.

Production sites

Certified in Germany according to ISO 9001.

ORWO Net's quality management proves the colour fidelity of photo products.

Production monitoring

Quality control by our own specialists trained in Germany.

Data protection / Security

Data protection and security are integral parts of our company philosophy and policy. Thanks to Industry 4.0, production facilities offer the opportunity to optimize quality, efficiency and flexibility. The network and resulting data sets are monitored and controlled by us in real time.

We assure the safeguarding of data protection and data security with our overall certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001, which covers all customers, suppliers, work areas and processes and guarantees the highest quality.

Data protection

Data protection is defined as the protection of data material against misuse in general. This includes in particular unauthorized insight, inappropriate use or the falsification of data. We monitor the sensitive data of our customers and clients in real-time.

Data security

Data security includes all measures taken by ORWO Net to prevent loss of customer data. This includes not only backup copies, but a sophisticated IT security system.

Certification according to ISO 9001

Personal data is the property of the customer and therefore requires special care. Thus, the maintenance of these proprietary rights at ORWO Net is part of quality management. We identify, certify and protect the data of our customers.