Solutions-oriented customer service

ORWO Net's competent customer service find solutions for technical and product-related questions.

Customer Service

1st and 2nd level support

on all channels

Online order information

for end customers

The state of your order is available 24/7

Our service team utilizes telephone hotline  and email platforms for a solu-tion-oriented 1st and 2nd level customer support. Through continuous contact with our clients and trade partners, we are able to optimize our service, products, and order lines, allowing us to continuously adapt them to the needs of our customers.

With our online order information, end customers can quickly and easily check the status of their orders around the clock. By entering their order and customer number, they have access to their personal account, which also lists their order history.

Solution-oriented consulting

With our individually tailored customer service, our goal is always finding the right solution for our customers. We continuously adapt our process to the present conditions and needs of our customers.

Our team of expert, multilingual staff is regularly trained on our newest innovations and is in continuous real-time contact with all company departments. Thus, customer queries are processed quickly and efficiently.

ORWO Net customises design templates, software solutions and much more according to customer needs.

Individual solutions

We adapt to the needs of our customers.

The ORWO Net Team unites qualified employees in technical, designing and service-related fields.

Highly qualified service team

Professional and multilingual.

Contact with competence

Our qualified service staff are continuously trained on our extensive product range. They offer our customers and our more than 2,000 branches comprehensive and competent service across all product lines.

Our issue tracking system records all customer inquiries that arrive via e-mail, telephone, social media or fax. Thus we ensure that all messages are answered to the full satisfaction of our customers and can also be evaluated by us.

The ORWO Net customer service employees take care of all kinds of enquiries within their bright and large office.

Issue tracking system

All customer inquiries are recorded and evaluated.

ORWO Net can be reached via multible channels such as e-mail, telephone, social networks or fax.

Support via all channels

E-mail, telephone, social media or fax.


Your satisfaction is both our goal and our success. We take your standards of quality and service as our benchmark.

All customer feedback is thoroughly processed and provides insight to our continuous optimization and innovation process.

ORWO Net uses customer feedbacks to upgrade technologies, designing tools and photo product offers.


We grow through our customers.

ORWO Net customers can get informed about the state of their photo product order 24 hours on seven days a week.

Online order information

For our end customers 24/7.