New PixelNet App - With just a few clicks to your photo book

Logo of the "Photo Moments" app of PixelNet

Bitterfeld-Wolfen, March 27th 2017

Just in time for the Leipzig Book Fair, PixelNet published its brand new app "Photo Moments", which allows its users to create a high-quality premium photo book within minutes. 

Within the app's development particular attention has been paid to the decoupling of time and space as well as the uncomplicated handling of the "photo moments" application. The aim was that every interested person, regardless of their technical skills, could order an individual photo book with their own smartphone photos at any place and time.

The brand new app`s name "Photo Moments", which could already be tested at the book fair, says it all. The user is able to skip time-consuming tasks as the app intelligently groups individual events into photo moments when accessing the mobile phone photos and makes an optimal pre-selection. It automatically sorts out duplicates and low-resolution photos, and only includes pictures with good quality in the selection for the photo book. At any time, the user can exchange pictures or make changes to the pre-selection. Once the selection has been made, a photo book with the dimensions 13x13 cm or 20x20 cm can be ordered. Alternatively or additionally, there is the possibility to order individual photo prints, in order to remember beautiful events or adventurous holiday trips for a long time.

The "Photo Moments" app with all its features is available to smartphone users on the App Store and the Google Play Store free to download. After a brief introduction on the handling of the app, users are ready to go. The mobile phone photos are automatically collected according to the location and time of their recording and defined as individual moments. Then the user selects a suitable title for their event with a meaningful title picture and re-sorts the selected images if desired. Already on the smartphone the user can look at their photo book design and order it immediately. After about 5 business days of production and delivery, they receive their individual real photo book and the latest product of the PixelNet brand.

Since 2003, PixelNet, a trademark of the well-established company ORWO Net GmbH, has been marketing a wide range of photo products, produced and designed in the photo laboratory of their Bitterfeld-Wolfen site. PixelNet's portfolio includes photo books, wall decorations, photo calendars, gift items and classic photo prints. New in the range are the video photo book, launched in 2016, and feed bowls, dog tags, beach bags, the premium book with softcover, the linen cover in new, fresh colours as well as photo tin cans in various shapes as introduced in 2017.