Moving to Q-Park

In April 2017, many departments of ORWO Net GmbH had to say farewell to the old office spaces and the distinctive old building with the film role as a recognition feature. Space shortages and expansion plans now lead to the spatial expansion of the administrative and computer engineering areas of the company.

As a result of a steadily rising sales volume of fun articles, the Foto-Fun production had already moved into the halls at the Q-Park at the end of 2015, in order to produce cups, pillows, puzzles, gifts, etc..

Due to lack of space, Customer Service has also moved into the new premises, followed by Accounting, Personnel, Controlling, Purchasing, Product Management, Software Development, Marketing, SEO and Management.

After full accommodation, all visitors and business partners are now being welcomed here. The ORWO Net team is looking forward to a productive and friendly atmosphere as well as creative photo ideas in the new modern work environment.