"Foto-Momente" App

Product order in just 3 steps

The first ORWO-app gets innovative: it builds on the needs of the ever ex-panding mobile photographers to organise and keep their memories. To make this as effortless as possible, it automatically detects when a large number of photographs are taken. Using the ORWO "Intelligent Photo Select" technology, it picks a selection of the best photographs and presents them as a special moment. This innovative feature saves the customer from the painstaking selection process, which is often a hurdle when purchasing photo products.

This special moment or collection of photographs can be conveniently or-dered with just one click as a photo book or prints. The photo book layout is done by an assistant to free the customer of trouble. The app provides double the benefit to the customer: it offers him a selection of his shots and a direct order of a physical photo product.
The clear added value for the photo service provider: The app not only en-sures continuous sales opportunities, but also - thanks to the exclusive selection mechanism - also increases customer loyalty.

Step 1

(Moments are collected automatically)

Step 2

Select the moment
(Select favorite moment and edit as required)

Step 3

Product selection
(Selection between photo books and photo prints)